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The Guilt of Islamophobes and Warmongers [A Must See]

Theodore Sayeed Exposes Sam Harris as Imperialist Sewer Rat

Sweden Democrats reject Norway attacks blame – The Local

Sweden Democrats reject Norway attacks blame – The Local.

(and blames immigration and “islamisation” for Breivik’s terrorist attacks)

Breivik uniting Zionism and Nazism

20. april 2012 av

I happened to be present at the Oslo courthouse on Tuesday, April 17th, watching and listening to 22/7 terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s 75 minute main prepared defense speech. A speech that the press and media were banned from broadcasting to the general public. These are my thoughts after following the story for almost nine months.

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Follow the Money: From Islamophobia to Israel Right or Wrong | Alternet

EDL threaten to screen Innocence of Muslims

Romney $50K donor, Plot to “RecreateCarter”, ValuesVoters and #BenghaziGate

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Some Facts You Should Tell Your Flag Waving Republican Friends
About These Real American Heroes

And the Conspiracy That Killed Them

1- The “little youtube video” was shown and Egyptian TV as a film sponsored by the United States.
2- The people who planned that stunt are connected to right wing donors to Mitt Romney’s campaign. (secret tape)
3- At the $50K dinner – one donor suggests they “recreate Carter scenario before the election”
4- The riots over the film provided cover for the AlQueda attack on Benghazi
5- Ambassador Stevens was pulled from burning building by loyal Libyans shouting “He’s alive! God is Great! He’s Alive, Praise God”
They had no ambulance and carried Chris to the hospita, where he died. The Libyans were grief stricken (Stevens was not beaten, tortured or raped)
6- Obama & Hillary met with the families when the caskets…

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Ron Banerjee – Hindu Hypocrite

Ron Banerjee, Heroic Defender of “Freedom of Speech”

Ron Banarjee the anti-immigration immigrant is a staunch defender of freedom of speech (that offends Muslims).  So much in fact the anti-Islam/Sikh extremist is working with the extremist Copts in the US along with Pastor Terry Jones to screen the anti-Islam film in Canada.  

Banerjee even shared a stage with JDL leader Meir Weinstein in support of the infamous Islamophobe Geert Wilders’ freedom of speech in the Toronto Zionist Center

However, Ron Banarjee is a hate-fuelled hypocrite.  Banarjee is a staunch opponent of freedom of speech (that offends Hindus) Less than a year ago Banarjee was pleading his case to the Toronto Sun to have pro-Islam advertising board banned:

This ad has to be pulled because it is offensive to Hindus

– Ron Banarjee, (sometime) “freedom of speech” advocate

I sincerely hope that Banarjee is re-incarnated as a Palestinian and see if he still finds the war-crimes committed against a defensless civilian population as “heroic and worthy of replication”.

Video below is Banerjee discussing his attempts to ban the Islamic ad with Michael Coren.


The Innocence of Muslims and the dirty conscience of Ron Banerjee – Teitel page –

Qu’ran-Burner Terry Jones To Visit Toronto To Spread His Anti-Muslim Hate

The Toronto Sun reports that Jones has accepted an invitation to attend a round-table discussion and possible protest on October 11th and 12th. He has been invited by a group calling themselves Canadians United Against Terror, a partner of the extremist Hindu “organisation” (of none) the Canadian Hindu Advocacy led by the virulent Islamophobe and neo-Zionist Ron Banerjee. 

Allan Einstoss escorted away by police in Toronto

The coalition claims to be “grassroots”.  However, it’s latest anti-Islamic PR stunt in September attracted a mere twenty people (and three dogs).  Ostensibly “walk your dog in front of a Mosque day” was arranged by Canadians United Against Terror and Canadian Hindu Advocacy as a response to an incident where a Jewish man Alan Einstoss was arrested for creating a disturbance at an Al-Quds day demonstation in Toronto.  While Einstoss was being arrested by police his large English Mastiff ran wild amongst the crowd and received a kick.  Banerjee shamelessly blamed the lack of interest in his campaign on the weather and traffic.

Morris Sadek, the crazed Zionist at the centre of the Innocence of Muslims film promoted the work of Banerjee through his site at The National American Coptic Assembly on June 6th 2012 in a post entitled “Let Us Do Our Best To Stop The Disease of Islam From Spreading Over The World”. Banarjee, whose “Hindu advocacy” seems to involve exclusively creating irrational suspicions about Muslims was protesting a Toronto school’s decision to allow Muslim students to hold their Friday prayers in the school cafeteria so as to no miss classes.  The extremist Hindu joined forces with  the extremist Jews of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and the extremist Christians and anti-Islamic fearmongers  of The Christian Heritage Group.

The similarities between Banerjee and Sadek doesn’t end in their mutual passion of film promotion.  Banerjee appears to be a Hindu-clone of his Coptic cousin.  Both have ties to Terry Jones, both appear equally unhinged by a fanatical hatred of Islam and Muslims, both head organisations which claim to represent their respective communities but have absolutely no grassroots support whatsoever and are flatly denounced by their actual community leaders and both have declared their undying love for Israel.  In the wake of the Israeli massacre of the Gazan people Benerjee also published an opinion piece in The Jewish Tribune declaring that Israeli actions were heroic and worthy of replication.

Banarjee with his JDL bodyguards

Banerjee flanks JDL Leader of Canada Meir Weinstein