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Israel Cries Wolf (again)

“You almost won’t find a point in time where something isn’t happening somewhere in the world,” he said. “I am escalating all those special operations.”
Israel’s Chief-Of-Staff, Maj. Gen. Benny Gantz

Israel wasted no time at all in blaming Iran for the tragic Burgas bus attack which killed 5 Israelis and injured dozens more. Netanyahu: “”This is a global Iranian terror onslaught and Israel will react firmly to it…”all signs point to Iran”.  However, Bibi doesn’t offer any evidence whatsover; he wants us to take him on his word.  Only a fool would take Netanyahu and his warmongering sidekicks on their word.

To demonstrate this I revert back to Eilat bus attacks of 2011, a largely similar scenario – Israeli tourists are targetted by terrorists and Israel shows disdain for the victims  by seemingly apportioning blame based not on evidence but on convenience and how it best suits their regional and/or global agendas.

The  Israeli Version Of Events.

August 18th (noon): A series of co-ordinated terrorist attacks targetting Israeli civilians occur in Eilat, close to the Egyptian border –  leaving 8 Israelis dead.

August 18th (hours later): Israel immediately blames the Palestinians on the terrorist attacks and bombards gaza with airstrikes in retalliation for the attacks. The casualties include a number of members of the PRC leadership.  

August 18th (evening): A number of Gazan militant groups – including the PRC but excluding Hamas – fire rockets into Israeli territory.

August 19th -22nd: This violent  back-and-forth pattern of Israeli airtrikes-Gazan rockets-Israeli airtrikes-Gazan rockets continues for a five  consecutive days.

August 23rd: Hamas and Israel agree to a ceasefire.

The message at this time is the absolute neccessity of the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system.

August 23rd:              Rafael to double Iron Dome production.

The Iron Dome batteries at Ashkelon and Beersheva have intercepted over 90% of rockets that would have hit populated areas.

Sources inform ”Globes” that Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will invest tens of millions of shekels in the coming months to open a second production line for the Iron Dome’s Tamir missiles, which intercept the Kassam and Grad rockets fired at Israel from Gaza.

The Ministry of Defense is in talks to speed up production and procure the Tamir missiles, partly in view of the latest round of confrontation in Gaza, which involved the firing of scores of rockets against Israeli cities from Ashdod to Beersheva.

The Israel Air Force’s two operational Iron Dome batteries are based at Ashkelon and Beersheva. They intercepted over 90% of the rockets that would have hit populated areas, over the past few days, including an estimated 25 Grad rockets.
23 August 11 16:55, Yuval Azoulai

The Non-Israeli Timeline Of Events With Added Context.

July-August 2011: A series of protests engulfs Israel.  The protestors are demanding social reforms.  The protests continually get larger and larger culminating in an estimated 500,000 people marching in Tel Aviv in August.

August 8th: In response to the largest protests in Israel’s history Netanyahu “promises changes” and sets up The Trachtenberg Committee.

Netanyahu says “the Trachtenberg reccomendations will involve major steps” These “major steps to appease the protestors” involve drastic cuts to the defense budget and a relocation of these funds into social projects .  This enraged the hawks in Tel Aviv who claimed “No Budget, No Defense”:

“Israel will not be able to protect itself from missiles fired from Lebanon and Syria. The enemy will grow stronger while the scope of threats is becoming wider with the current changes in the Middle East”

Other Israeli sources went futher; describing it as “life and death”.

Fortunately/unfortunately, depending on your perspective, the Eilat attacks interjected into Israel’s domestic problems and we’ve now reached the point where Israel’s version of events begins – August 18th.

August 18th (noon): A series of co-ordinated terrorist attacks targetting Israeli civilians occur in Eilat, close to the Egyptian border –  leaving 8 Israelis dead.

August 18th (hours later): Israel immediately blames the Palestinians on the terrorist attacks and bombards gaza with airstrikes in retalliation for the attacks. The casualties include a number of members of the PRC leadership.  

August 18th (evening): A number of Gazan militant groups – including the PRC but excluding Hamas – fire rockets into Israeli territory.

August 19th: The PRC deny all involvement in the Eilat attacks.  Meanwhile,previously unknown Egyptian Jihadi group “Ansar-al-Jihad” claim responsibility for the attack,

August 19th -22nd: This violent  back-and-forth pattern of Israeli airtrikes-Gazan rockets-Israeli airtrikes-Gazan rockets continues for a five  consecutive days.

August 23rd: Hamas and Israel agree to a ceasefire.

The message at this time is the absolute neccessity of the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system.

August 23rd:       “Rafael to double Iron Dome production.”

November 13th: Egypt arrests who it claims to be the mastermind of the attacks  Muhammad Al-Teeh in Egypt.

November 14thFurther members of the same  Egyptian group are detained in Egypt in connection with the attacks.

January 6th 2012: Israel finally accepts that the Eilat attacks originated in Egypt and were carried out by Egyptians.

Sadly, the people of Gaza don’t have an “Iron shield” and many innocents died during the warrantless bombardment of Gaza.

The Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip continued for three consecutive days and resulted in civilian casualties – including the killing of two children aged 2 and 4 -, and the destruction of civilian property. Israel’s reprisal on the Gaza Strip was followed by mortar fire onto Israeli population centers, which killed one Israeli civilian. Moreover, the Israeli occupying forces have arbitrarily detained more than 120 Palestinians in the Southern West Bank and have severely restricted the Palestinian freedom of movement in the area by installing a multitude of flying checkpoints and temporarily reinstalling former permanent checkpoints that had been previously removed.

The most significant consequenceof the whole sorry, violent mess is that the once-frozen Iron Dome programme was reinstated.  The extremist Zionists no longer had to worry where their next drone was coming from.  The decision to suspend the anti-rocket system was reinstated.  “the government reversed its decision to cut NIS 3 billion from the defense budget in order to pay for reforms recommended by the Trajtenberg Committee”.

Incredibly, not only did Netanyahu reverse his decision to cut the defense budget by 3 billion shekels to improve social conditions in Israel he actually went full circle and INCREASED the military budget by 3 billion shekels.   thereby saving the expansion of the Iron Dome project.

And Netanyahu’s justification?

“I have reflected on this question, but in view of what has happened in the region, I have reached the conclusion that cutting the defence budget would be a mistake, even a big mistake,”

And people wonder why Israel’s social reform protestors are setting themselves on fire…


Farewell, Alex, My Friend » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Farewell, Alex, My Friend » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.

Al-Harati in Manchester

Miles Amoore is a Sunday Times correspondent who was embedded with Al-Hariti’s Tripoli Brigade as they made their push for Tripoli.

He had further information on Al-Hariti’s past which Al-Hariti’s wife somehow forgot to mention in her interviews with the Irish press.

Mehdi himself left Tripoli for Ireland 18 years ago after Gadaffi’s agents arrested him because members of his family had been preaching antiregime rhetoric.

He immersed himself in charity work, moved briefly to Manchester to run a greengrocer’s but returned to Ireland. As a devout Muslim and charity activist he felt drawn to the Middle East.


The Manchester connection is an interesting coincidence.  Manchester is a hub of anti-Gadaffi sentiment in the UK while at the same time being a centre of the Al-Qaeda affiliated LIFG,

The Libyan-born Imam of the Dudsbury Mosque in Manchester Mustafa Graf left Britain during the revolution ostensibly to assist his elderly relatives.  However, film footage shows the “Anti-Khadafi fighter from Britain” commanding a band of terrorists/rebels.

Mustafa Graf was later caught and imprisoned by Gadaffi’s forces.  Many more militants such as  Azeldin al Sharif , Hisham al Hady, also travelled from Manchester.  Another Mancunian of note is Salah Mohammed Ali Aboaoba. Aboaoba was captured in Libya and told western journalsts of his membership of terrorist group LIFG and claimed he raised funds for it’s Jihad at the same aforemtioned Didsbury Mosque in Manchester.

Salah Aboaoba told him he was speaking of his own free will and said he had joined the banned Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Yemen 14 years ago. The LIFG has been banned in Britain since 2005 as a terrorist organisation.

“From Yemen I went to Britain. I stayed there in Britain until 2010,” he said. “I do indeed have British nationality. I am British. I was not involved in any terrorist activities in Britain, apart from my funding of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.”

Mr Aboaoba said he’d been granted asylum in Britain and settled in Manchester with his family, where he raised funds for the jihadist group at Manchester’s Didsbury mosque.


In 2009 yet another Manchester-Libyan man was implicated in the funding of LIFG’s jihad.

A MANCHESTER man is among five people who have had their assets frozen over suspected links to an al Qaida terror group. Taher Nasuf, from Fallowfield, and the Sanabel Islamic Relief charity he works for have been named as supporters of a Libyan group connected with international terrorism. The U.S. government last night announced they were seeking a worldwide clampdown on individuals and companies allegedly financing the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an organisation seeking to overthrow the Libyan leader and said to have links with Islamic terror groups including al Qaida.Read more at:

Nasuf had his assets frozen worldwide for connection to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
Five men based in the UK have had their assets frozen worldwide for suspected links with al-Qaida. The United Nations security council ordered the action against the five – all Libyan-born – three related property companies and a Birmingham-based charity, the Sanabel Relief Agency.

The Bank of England, acting on behalf of the Treasury, issued a statement saying the move was in line with its financial sanctions against al-Qaida and the Taliban. It asked British financial institutions to check whether they had any accounts or assets belonging to the individuals or companies and freeze them, reporting details to the bank.

Three of the men, named as Ghuma Abd’rabbah, 48, Abdulbaqi Mohammed Khaled, 48, and 46-year-old Abd Al-Rahman Al Faqih, are based in Birmingham. The other two are Tahir Nasuf, 44, of Manchester, and Mohammed Benhammedi, 39, from the Midlands. All are listed as having been born in Libya. Adb’rabbah, Benhammedi and Khaled are said to be British citizens.

The organisation the men are alleged to be linked to is the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). The US treasury, which has also ordered the freezing of any American-held assets, has described it as “an al-Qaida affliation known for engaging in terrorist activity in Libya and cooperating with al-Qaida worldwide”.


Secret intelligence documents found in Libya during the uprising further strengthen the Manchester-Didsbury-LIFG-Al Qaeda connection.  They reveal that MI5 was working together with Libyan intelligence in Manchester in an operation targetting LIFG jihadis living in Manchester.
The Mail on Sunday is aware of the identity of this person, who was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) based in Didsbury, in Manchester, and an habitué of the Didsbury mosque, one of the main centres of anti-Gaddafi activity in Britain.

The strongest Manchester-Al Qaeda connection is that of Anas Al-Liby.  Al Liby was a top Libyan Al-Qaeda commander and also LIFG member who lived in Manchester from 1995-2000.

Incidentally, Author Mark Curtis in Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam claims a Dublin-LIFG connection.

Other members of the LIFG included Abu Hafs al-Libi, who reputedly lived in Dublin from 1996 until going to Iraq in 2004, where he served as one of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s lieutenants in the al-Qaida group there until his death the same year.
If true, surely Al-Harati and al-Libi (both being Libyan-born, anti-Gadaffi fundamentalist Muslims in Dublin – which has only a small, tight-knit Muslim community) should have crossed paths on numerous occasions?

Al-Harati In Syria

In a video posted on The Tripoli Brigade’s Facebook page on the 7th July Al-Harati can be seen celebrating the destruction of a Syrian supply truck with Syrians rebels.

The film carries the description:

TRB lion and former commander Mahdi Al-Harati leading a raid on Assad’s criminal regime thugs in Syria as they attempted to enter the city of Al-Tamana. Operation
resulted in the destruction of an ammo supply truck and the killing of 8 regime thugs.

The video can be found HERE

Madhi Al-Harati Irish Rebel

New footage has emerged of Mahdi Al-Hariti a Libyan-born Irish leader of the Libyan rebel/terrorist group The Tripoli Brigade. According to Syrian reports Al-Hariti is reprising his role as a military trainer/coordinator on the Syrian-Turkish border setting up an anti-Assad brigade for combat.


The footage linked to below claims to show Al Hariti in a militant camp with Syrian rebels:

This is consistent with earlier reports from Spanish journalist who was embedded with the Syrian rebels-in-waiting on the Syrian/Turkish border.  Daniel Iriarte interviewed Al-Hariti from there for Spain’s ABC in December 2011.

VIDEO: Al Hariti training in Libya

So who Is Mahdi Al-Hariti?

There is scant verifiable information available on this supposed military novice that has now reportedly been training anti-government militias in two states in as many years.  According to the Irish Times Al Hariti, now 39, was tortured by the Libyan regime as a youth , smuggled out of Libya by his family at the age of 19 and then spent a decade in “no-man’s-land” in Malta and Egypt, the home of The Muslim Brotherhood.  It was from this “no-man’s-land” at the age of 29/30 that he made his way to Ireland seeking asylum, eventually gaining Irish citizenship.  He first found employment as a Halal butcher and subsequently became a tutor of the Koran and Arabic. At some point in this period he met and married an Irish woman whom he’s had children with and they have settled in Firhouse, Dublin,

The Irish Independent  offers a similar brief history of Al-Harati but with a glaring discrepancy.

 “Soon afterwards, Husam was joined in Libya by Mahdi, who left Eftaima and their kids — two boys aged 11 and 10 and two girls aged seven and two — back in Firhouse so that he too could fight.

 Mahdi had moved to Ireland 20 years ago having suffered under Gaddafi’s oppressive regime as a teenager. He was tortured at the age of 14, because of his family’s anti-Gaddafi sympathies. Mahdi and Eftaima met and married in Dublin.”

Both The Irish Times and Irish Independent articles are based on an interview carried out by Al-Harit’s wife, Eftaima yet they are highly conflicting accounts.  The Irish Times mentions Al Hariti’s “decade in no man’s land” in Egypt and Malta and therefore entering Ireland in 2001 whereas the Independent’s account puts Al-Hariti in Ireland during this whole decade and the proceeding ten years; entering Ireland in 1991.  On the face of it the Independent’s account (20 years in Ireland vs 10 years in the Times) is more plausible – due to the age of Al-Hariti’s eldest child  being 11-years-old in 2011.  If it is to be believed that Al-Hariti met his wife in Dublin as claimed then the absolute latest the pair could have met is 1999/2000.

The unexplained, meteoric rise of a Dublin teacher to Deputy Head of The Tripoli Military Council

Al Hariti’s wife’s vacuous reasons, which all effectively boil down to his personality, doesn’t begin to explain how an exile of twenty years can trek across the desert from Sudan one day and suddenly find himself commander of the Libyan Rebel’s elite brigade.

From the Irish Times:

 “Alharati said once her husband had received basic weapons training at a rebel camp, his rise to lead the Tripoli brigade seemed to occur very quickly.

“He is a very charismatic person, he is a born leader. When he found himself in a situation where people basically wanted to make him in charge . . . the first thing he did was to set up a small group in a training camp.

“He got somebody to teach them how to use the basic weapons. And then from there more people added and added to the core group and then they led the fighting.”

And from the Irish independent:

Once in Libya, Mahdi and Husam hatched a plan to set up their own Tripoli Brigade with the aim of liberating the capital. It started with just 15 volunteers, but quickly swelled to almost 600, mostly native Libyans.

Eftaima said: “Those who joined are not military men. They were people like businessmen, shopkeepers and doctors.”

The born-again rebels had to take a crash course in military skills. They learnt how to fight mostly in the heat of battle.

Eftaima said she was not surprised that her husband took command. “He is very much loved and liked by people who meet him. He is a born leader.”

Al-Harati The Hero?

 So far, so good for Al-Harati.  Ostensibly he is an idealistic and patriotic activist almost destined to liberate Libya – a 2010 Gaza Flotilla passenger no less —  who selflessly risked his own life for peace and justice in Libya, his motherland and reluctantly forged alliances with the enemies of his enemy for the greater good.  This narrative remains a distinct possibility.  However, it does get a little more complicated…

Al Harati The CIA Puppet?

 A 7th November 2011 article in The Sunday World claims that 200,000 Euros, in 500 Euro bills were stolen from the Al-Harati family home in Dublin.  The article implied Irish police sources though hasn’t named them.

According to The Sunday World Al-Harati was formally interviewed by police and informed them “the cash was a gift from US secret agents to aid the war effort in Libya” and also that “he had travelled to France, the United States and Qatar the previous month and that representatives of an American intelligence agency had given him a significant amount of money to help in the efforts to defeat Gaddafi.”

The theft of the 200,000 Euros was somewhat substantiated by 9th November 2011 e-mail sent by private intelligence outfit Stratfor’s Vice President Fred Burton to a colleague.  The hacked  e-mail was published in 2012 by Wikileaks offers an alternative and perhaps more plausible source of the money however.

“From: “Fred Burton”
To: “korena zucha” , “Anya Alfano”

Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 2:46:05 PM
Subject: Fwd: Time for a quick call? 757-478-7383 (libyan intel)

Smith’s source is Yousef Haddad. Haddad called Smith to report he has stepped down. Haddad is also close to Mehdi.

Long story short, the top two of the Tripoli Revolutionary Council have stepped down.

Mehdi has also stepped down from the Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade and has been paid off to leave by the NTC, receiving 200,000 Euros. However, the Euros were stolen from his house in Dublin.

Hashim (?) has taken over for Mehdi. Hashim was Mehdi’s Deputy. ”

Smith believes the bar has swung to Bel-Hadj and he is trying to consolidate power. Not good for the U.S…..

Stratfor’s source in Libya is James F. Smith who had “been there since the no-fly” A “US Govt security contractor on US Govt assignment in Libya” .  Smith is a former director of the infamous  Blackwater  group and is a former CIA Officer

Al-Hariti was a contact of Smith’s in Libya according to Smith himself.


“1. The man that I made a contact with (Mehdi al-Harati, commander of the Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade) was appointed as the deputy commander of the Tripoli Military Council. He is a strong confederate of Belhaj and I’ve tried to get someone in the current administration to consider that he could be used to get close to / establish relationship with Belhaj and perhaps upwards thru to Abdul-Jalil”

According to Stratfor V.P. Fred Burton who was Smith’s handler, Smith is carrying out a covert “regime change” mission in Syria under the protection of the Zionist US Congresswoman Sue Myrick.

** Source and Dr. Walid Phares are getting air cover from Congresswoman Myrick to engage Syrian opposition in Turkey (non-MB and non-Qatari) on a fact finding mission for Congress.

** The true mission is how they can help in regime change.

** Source intends to offer his services to help protect the opposition members, like he had underway in Libya.

Which if the reports of Al-Hariti in Syria are true puts him intertwines him him with  ex-CIA man Smith yet again.

Al-Harati The “Close Confederate” of Extremists?

Al-Harati (centre) embraces the “Emir of LIFG”, the Jihadi Belhaj (second from right)

Further revelations from the Stratfor hack reveal Al-Hariti as a “close confederate” of  Abdel-Hakim Belhaj.  Belhaj is a veteran mujahadeen from the jihad in Afghanistan in the 80’s.  Belhaj was given as a gift to Gadaffi in 2004  (whose regime tortured him) when he was a victim of CIA  extraordinary rendition. 

Spains Prime Minister at the time of the Madrid Train bombingsJose Maria Aznar revealed in December 2011 on CNBC that Belhadj was a “well known jihadist” and “was one of the suspects involved in the Madrid train bombing of March 2004.”

In November 2007 Al-Qaeda’s then number 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri announced the formal alliance/assimilation between Belhaj’s LIGF and Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda.

DUBAI (AFP) — Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri said that a Libyan Islamist group had joined the network in an audiotape posted on the internet on Saturday.

“The esteemed leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group have announced their allegiance to the Al-Qaeda network,”

According to US contractor James F. Smith LIGF  have contacts with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan Pakistan and Sudan.  Al-Hariti according to reports entered Libya via Sudan.  According to a 2007 Westpoint Study (page 10)  claims that the “LIFG has long had ties with Egyptian Islamist groups.  Al-Harati reportedly spent at least part of his “decade in no-man’s-land” in Egypt.

Will The Real Madhi Al-Harati Please Stand Up?

Heroic freedom fighter, militant extremist or intelligence asset? Or none/some/all of the above?  There are more questions than answers regarding Madhi Al-Harati.