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The Sandy “Hoax” Trap

I’ve sensed that there has been something off with this whole episode in terms of how the media and officials have handled this from the start.  I don’t deny that there are legitimate unanswered questions around Sandy Hook, and I’m certainly open to the idea of US agencies (or anyone else) using terrorism against it’s own people to advance an agenda but it is my opinion that much of the crumbs of evidence that have been fleshed out online have ultimately led to red herrings and blind alleys. Red herrings that have seen honest people searching for the truth shooting themselves in the foot.  These have ranged from the absurd such as the Batman/Libor links to the offensive such as the case of Chris Rodia, while undoubtedly an unpleasant individual received his fifteen minutes of infamy this way, and was accused of facilitating a massacre despite having nothing to do with this. This occured due to the release of misleading information combined with an overeagerness to contradict the official narrative.  This is just an example.

Another oft cited “proof” is the case of the Parker family, who lost a child in the attack.  The case hinges on their irregular behaviour in an irregular situation that has been forced onto them. An 2007 article in The Scientific American  based on a study carried out by  pschyologist George A. Bonanno details how the Parker’s behaviour was in fact quite normal afterall.

In one example of his work, Bonanno and his colleague Dach­er Keltner analyzed facial expressions of people who had lost loved ones recently. The videos bore no hint of any permanent sorrow that needed extirpation. As expected, the videos revealed sadness but also anger and happiness. Time and again, a grief-stricken person’s expression would change from dejection to laughter and back.

The Four Camps

There are four groups categories of people emerge with events like Sandy Hook:

1- A sub-group of people who automatically assume that every shooting/terrorist attack is an “inside-job”.  This sizable minority group will dogmatically remain entrenched in this position regardless of the evidence.  The inevitability here is that they will cherry pick evidence and advocate whichever alternative theory their pied-piper puts forward regardless of the facts.
2 – There exists another sub-group who hold a healthy scepticism of government and media.  There will be some crossover with group 1, but not much.  The inevitability here is that many of these people will dilligently pour over the evidence with a fine tooth comb before reaching a conclusion which isn’t afraid to go against the grain.
3- Another sub-group would be those in the all-important majority.  They generally accept the MSM as fact, are privately open to alternative theories but are conditioned to be fearful of the Orwellian perjorative of  “conspiracy theorist”.  Alternative blogs and news sites combined with the repetition of government/media lies have had a tremendous impact in nudging little-by-little this group towards group 2.  I would expect this large group to be the primary targets of government disinformation campaigns.
4. The final group would be essentially the other side of the same coin with group 1.  These zombies will accept everything the MSM and government proclaim as fact and “will dogmatically remain entrenched in this position regardless of the evidence.”

Groups 1 and 2 are a problem for the government.  Group 3 must be prevented in merging with group 1 at all costs. This is why Obama’s former “informations Tsar” Cass Sunstein called for action against “conspiracy theories” in a 2008 paper he authored entitled “Conspiracy Theories”. He said:

“The existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s antiterrorism policies, whatever the latter may be.” He goes on to propose that, “the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”

Black Propaganda

What better way to discredit and eliminate”conspiracy theorists” than to give them enough rope to hang themselves?  What better way is there to drive a permanent wedge between groups 2 and 3 above than allowing them to hoist themselves by their own petard?  What better time to do this than in the emotionally charged aftermath of a national tragedy when the world is in mourning?  What better way to do this than manipulating them into accusing the grieving parents of “acting” on spurious grounds?  This can surely only lead to derision and ostracisation and the reinforcement of the negative “conspiracy theorist” narrative.

The application of this manipulation would be relatively straightforward and without risk.  You bide your time until an “inevitable” heinous crime is committed, a crime that you have had absolutely no involvement in and so horrific that it results in a state of collective grief and an outpouring of sympathy for the victims.  When this opportunity arises you control the release of information, such as not releasing the crime scene photos or allowing the parents of the children to see their murdered children or otherwise misleading information that will direct those who seek to false and ideally offensive conclusions.  This will send the “conspiracy” community (from groups 1 and 2) who take the bait into overdrive and those mildly sceptical due to the inconsistencies in the official narrative (group 3) to the blogs and sites of groups 1 and 2.

With this in place you release disinformation in drips and drabs for “conspiracy theorists” to get excited about.  Disinformation that ultimately discredits the researcher and by association their other research.  Essential to this would be the government shills who would be already in place posing as “conspiracy theorists” pushing with all their might their black propaganda. These are the people who frame the debate and from whom the most absurd and offensive memes develop amongst the “conspiracy” community.

Once out there it develops a life of it’s own and a chain-reaction begins and honest people begin to spread the disinformation and the meme is firmly in place as representing the “conspiracy” or alternative viewpoint.

The next phase is something that has already come to pass –  the demonisation of “conspiracy theorists” in the MSM which focused on the most vile and off-putting “conspiracy theories”.  The part is perceived to represent the whole and  this by design extends itself in the minds of the audience to other alternative theories such as 9/11 and JFK.

I would predict the endgame to be the release (or leak) of irrefutable evidence which confirms that the attack took place such as crime scene photographs along with calls to shutdown alternative blogs and sites.


While you can never find out what is outside the window if you don’t draw the curtain attacking the victims relatives on flimsy evidence is clearly counter-productive and self-defeating.

However, I truly don’t believe that that any plausible alternative theory supported by strong evidence has emerged yet.  Likewise, the official story has been evidence-light also so that leaves the impartial observer in a quagmire of sorts.  Who do you then believe?  I have zero confidence in the MSM.  On anything of significance I assume they are lying until I can prove otherwise.  The problem is that I currently cannot “prove otherwise”.

With no offense intended to my American brothers here the American society has been debased and corrupted by parasites and leeches that has seen brand USA become the Capital (and chief exporter) of much of what I consider corrupt and immoral.  Without trying to sound like my dad, violence, selfishness, criminality, sex,  consumerism and so on have all been glamourised by the USA. School shootings themselves have been glamourised by the media.  Can anyone name a single victim from Dunblaine, Virginia Tech, Oslo or Columbine? While Anders Breivik has become a household name across the world.

I think people here are more aware than most of the root source and their motivation of this societal corruption.  With that in mind there is a tragic inevitability in the occurrence of these school shootings in such a culture. It is a question of when and not if there will be another attack.