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EDL, BREIVIK och ISRAEL – info för dummies

EDL, BREIVIK och ISRAEL – info för dummies

A collation of videos exposing the Zionist ideology of the English Defense League (EDL) put together by a Swedish blogger.

EDL threaten to screen Innocence of Muslims

The Ugly Face Of Swedish Islamophobia hosts Zionist-Funded Hate Peddlers In Stockholm

August 4th 2012 was a busy day in Stockholm, Sweden.  Not only was it a celebration of the life and deeds of Jewish hero Raoul Wallenberg and Gay Pride parade day but it was also a celebration of hate; or as they prefer to call it “counterjihad”.

Stop Islamisation Of Nations, or “coincidentally” SION

Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and the leaders of the EDL were the star attractions at the event which also included speakers from various European EDL spin-offs.  By all accounts the the demonstration was an abject failure which garnered little interest.

One of the failed organisers was Stockholm’s own Isak Nygren of the Swedish Defense League (SDL).

The anti-Muslim fanatic was actually e-mailed by fellow “counterjihadist” Anders Breivik in the hours before he carried out his twin terror attack in Oslo.  Nygren was at the time following in Geert Wilders footsteps by living in a kibbutz in Israel.

Nygren then distanced himself from Breivik. However, his bigoted, reductionist conclusions very much mirrors Breivik’s.  For example in March Nygren gave a speech (transcript) in Denmark to a rabble of EDL and EDL-like  European knuckle-draggers on behalf of the SDL, which was essentially a condensed version of Breivik’s manifesto,  The SDL’s facebook page also made light of the mass-murder committed by Breivik and to truly expose their hypocrisy the supposed anti-extremist  SDL also counts terrorist group the JDL amongst it’s “likes”

Above: Close up of Nygren’s badge which  he wore at the rally.