Romney $50K donor, Plot to “RecreateCarter”, ValuesVoters and #BenghaziGate

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Some Facts You Should Tell Your Flag Waving Republican Friends
About These Real American Heroes

And the Conspiracy That Killed Them

1- The “little youtube video” was shown and Egyptian TV as a film sponsored by the United States.
2- The people who planned that stunt are connected to right wing donors to Mitt Romney’s campaign. (secret tape)
3- At the $50K dinner – one donor suggests they “recreate Carter scenario before the election”
4- The riots over the film provided cover for the AlQueda attack on Benghazi
5- Ambassador Stevens was pulled from burning building by loyal Libyans shouting “He’s alive! God is Great! He’s Alive, Praise God”
They had no ambulance and carried Chris to the hospita, where he died. The Libyans were grief stricken (Stevens was not beaten, tortured or raped)
6- Obama & Hillary met with the families when the caskets…

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