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VIDEO: Morris Sadek and Pastor Terry Jones Protest Outside The White House Together

The event coincided  with another rally of anti-Assad Muslims which led to a mild confrontation.

Egyptian Copt at Centre of “The Innocence of Muslims” Is A Fanatical Zionist

An axis-of-evil has been formed between crazed, Coptic Christian-Zionists, Koran-burning militant US Pastors, Egyptian-American fraudsters and FBI-linked army veteran right-wing extremist to produce a purposely antagonistic anti-Islam film of dubious quality which  has inevitably ignited protests in parts of the Muslim world which has sadly already taken lives.

Much is yet to be revealed but at the centre of the man-made storm at this stage seems to be Morris Sadek of the National American Coptics Assembly.  According to earlier reports from Egyptain Coptic sources Sadek is not taken seriously in his Egyptian homeland and is known as an attention whore who has lied about Mohammed to push his anti-Islam agenda.

“[Sadek] is ignorant and does not have a clue about what he is talking about,” Ishaq told the Middle East Times in his downtown Cairo office.

“Here in Egypt, Sadek is not listened to because he doesn’t know anything and is only trying to make himself famous and get people to give him money,” Ishaq said, adding, “What we need to talk about is citizenship, because essentially we are all Egyptians and we need to live together and stop seeing religion as a dividing issue.”

Other Egyptians point to Sadek’s attacks on Islam in his writings, arguing he is taking advantage of freedom of speech guaranteed in the United States to defame Islam.

“This is not the first time I meet or see Copts abroad who enjoy cursing Islam because they know they can get away with it,” Egyptian journalist Manar Ammar told the Middle East Times. She added: “I met people in Chicago who cursed the Prophet and criticized him, feeling happy that they were taking advantage of freedom of speech. But their problem is really with [Egyptian] law enforcement, not Muslims.”

And also,

Ishaq said that while Sadek’s views are also held by some within Coptic communities abroad, in Egypt, he is seen as “crazy.”

“Few, if any of the Copts I talk with take this man seriously. He is just so wrong and ridiculous,” Ishaq said.

According to the Coptic National Assembly’s Web site, Sadek is a member of the District of Columbia bar association and a special legal consultant.

Only late last year, he fired off a volley of letters stating his belief that Islam is “a religion of hate and violence.”

According to the journalist, Sadek has on a number of occasions misquoted the Koran to back up his assertions. It is “despicable and horrifying” that someone of his prominence, she said, “could be so blinded by hate that he wants to defame a holy book from a religion.”

In the same article Sadek’s Zionism and anti-Islamism realy becomes apparent.  In the wake of the the systemathic destruction of Gaza by The IDF during Operation castlead and as Gazans still mourned the recently deceased Sadek gloated in their misery in an open letter declaring “Israel’s Victory”.

In the letter, he called Hamas a part of the Muslim Brotherhood and argued that Palestinians should not complain of their situation vis-a-vis Israel.

“Soon after Palestinians elected Hamas under the symbol ‘Islam is the solution’ Hamas turned against the Palestinian Authority and declared an Islamic state in Gaza, where they applied the Sharia and killed Christians and burned their stores and kidnapped foreign correspondents,” the duel U.S.-Egyptian citizen Sadek wrote, linking Egypt’s powerful opposition Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas.

“Hamas sold Gaza to Iran and they sold it in exchange for weapons and tunnels in cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and declared jihad on Israel which provides them with food, and Israel sent trucks full of humanitarian supplies over to Gaza,” he continued


“Although the Palestinians are the invaders of the land, instead of thanking Israel for food and help, they declared war. This is Islamic hate. Their place today should be the Higaz [Saudi Arabia] where they came from; and instead of thanking Israel for giving them a piece of its land to live on, they declared war.”

Time shall tell of the Coptic-Zionists full involvement in the hateful film which shamelessly duped even the actors involved.

Below is a flowchart demonstrating the associated actors (directly & indirectly) involved at the time of writing (to the best of my knowledge).


Morris Sadek

– National American coptic Assembly- USA

– American Who Sparked Libya, Egypt Unrest Hates Obama, Hearts the GOP
– Prominent Copt Upsets Egyptians with Anti-Islamic Anti-Palestinian Letter
– Think-Israel Blogger
– Sadek On MEMRI
– Promoting CCFA

ACT! for America

– ACT! for America is better known as Hate! for America
– Links & Resources http://www.actforamerica.org/index.php/learn/about-act-for-america/33
–  990 Return Form

Click to access 2010-260772227-07add867-9O.pdf

– Veteran Defenders Of America:

Steve Klein

– Meet Steve Klein, the Hate Group Leader Who ‘Consulted’ on ‘The Innocence of Muslims’
– Meet The Right-Wing Extremist Behind Anti-Muslim Film That Sparked Deadly Riots
– Courageous Christians United
– The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission
– DefendChristians.Org, Bikers for Christ, ACT for America, Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment, Rev. Wiley  Drake protest CAIR and
Siraj Wahhaj at CAIR’s 15th Annual Banquet,  Anaheim Hilton Nov. 5th 2011

– Klein as FBI Consultant:

Spencer of Jihadwatch promoting Klein


Kaweah Church

Church at Kaweah Spreads Hateful, Militant Christian Views

Terry Jones

Terry Jones: Florida pastor endorses anti-Muslim film that sparked protests

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

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