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“Sheikh Medhi” Calls For Jihad In Syria

In a complete reversal of Al-Harati’s claims in a CNN interview that he was not trying to recruit foriegners for his band of mercenaries in Syria

Al-Harati, who describes himself as a “commander and facilitator” says there were no active efforts to recruit Libyans.

“These are grown men with their own minds and do not need convincing about this cause,” Al-Harati said.

Sheikh Medhi has issued a statement on Facebook to potential recruits.

Translated by Google.

In the name of God the Merciful
((Rush lights and heavies, and strive with your wealth and yourselves in the way of Allah is better for you if you know))
Commander of a brigade of the nation in the land of Sham El Sheikh (Mahdi Alharaty), it says:
To the youth of the nation in other Muslim countries and to reject all free of oppression and tyranny in the world, Íaajuta in God and religion, humanity and faith in you Ostnhi Onadakm and chivalry and magnanimity, of a
The bulk of the Levant that God bless the Almighty God said in His Holy Book: ((Aqsaa night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, which endorsed him))
((And for Arabad bin in place of the Prophet, peace be upon him that he had one day in the people and said: O people, is about to you Ojnada female Soldiers of the Levant and the Soldiers of Iraq and the Soldiers of Yemen, Ibn transfer: O Messenger of Allah a thing that time, choose me and said: I choose it to you the finest Cham Muslims and the God of his country’s elite Ajetbi the elites of his creation and God has guaranteed me Baham and her family))
In order to Sham and for the people of Sham, who slaughtered and violate their honor and tired mistreated by a handful hateful to Islam and its people how many were killed, an innocent and how violated than the width sister to us in religion and how many have been forced people to disbelief in God Almighty, God forbid, we who worship God alone, and they worshiped the human beings humiliated God and his response to the bottom of Alsavljen for all that I invite you to join the jihad in the land of Sham Blessed Be the hosts of the Levant, and be the elite of God’s creation as the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and all those who wish to join Square Jihad and the Forum on revolutions in the land of Damascus in Syria support for their brothers in religion.
And belief that the price comes his weapon and that he was able to come invaluable weapon brother of his brothers the Syrians and the good of Jihad

God Jihad self, money and God bless ..

Al-Harati’s appeal to Muslims worldwide to jihad in Syria in remarkably similar to Al Qaeda’s leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri’s