Brigitte Gabriel ACT!(s) For Israel – Part 3: Gabrielle and the Filmmakers

The Innocence of Muslims and The Axis of Evil

Gabrielle’s involvement with anti-Islam propaganda films is not limited to the series of Clarion Fund films.  She is also intertwined with some of the characters involved in The Innocence of Muslims.

Morris Sadek with Brigitte Gabriel

Along With Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer she was one of the chief organisers of the “Ground-Zero” Mosque rallies.  These protests featured heavily those involved with the film.  It’s Producer Joseph Nasralla was warmly embraced by Robert Spencer as Spencer welcomed him to the podium.  A promoter of the film and likely the translator  for the Arabic version was an Extremist Coptic-Christian called Morris Sadek. . A blog  post on his site indicates he is a member of Gabrielle’s ACT! For America. Sadek was personally invited to the “stop the Mosque” protests and given orders on how to behave there by Pamela Geller – Instead he donned a cowboy hat, grabbed his crucifix and screamed like a bigoted lunatic.

Sadek was also at the fore of  the “Ground Zero” protests of another of the Innocence of Muslims promoters – the Quran burning Pastor from Florida Terry Jones.

Gabrielle’s Act! For America also allied with another of the men behind The Innocence of Muslims, the extremist Christian Steve Klein.  Klein, an employee of Joseph Nasralla founded an anti-Islam group called Concerned Citizens For The First Amendment.  This group allied with Gabriel’s ACT! For America to organise the protest of an Islamic charity event in Anaheim.

We have confirmed that chapters from Act for America, Bikers for Christ, and Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment will be participating, along with other individuals and organizations.

If possible the Anaheim protests somehow outdid the New York protests in terms of pure hatred and bigotry as they hurled abuse at the young Muslim families as they made their way to the entrance.

These shameful events were documented by CAIR

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