“Islamofascism” – The New McCarthyism (Part 2)

The following information should be viewed as a microcosm of the broader organised anti-Muslim agenda that exists today. Further background information is available in part 1 here.

Gary Cass, Steve Baldwin, The Innocence of Muslims, The Tea party and Clarion.


Gary Cass

CADC are a right-wing Christian group with an ironic focus on defamation of Muslims.  It’s founder and CEO Gary Cass allied himself with two figures who were to emerge from the radical fringes into obscurity with the furore created by their film “The Innocence of Muslims”.  Gary Cass admitted in a TPM interview that he was aware of the production of the film. The film’s spokesman Steve Klein and Producer Joseph Nasrallah had collaborated with Cass in their mutual anti-Islam agitation.  This alliance was formalised in the creation of defendstudents.com

Unusually, the groups website was registered by a supposedly unrelated group – The Tri-City Tea Party.

defendstudents.com whois

defendstudents.com whois

The cabal received glowing references and were promoted by leading anti-Islam propagandist Robert Spencer.

LA Sheriff Lee Baca must be fired for praising Hamas-linked CAIR

The courageous Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nasralla, who gave a riveting speech at our 9/11 Rally of Remembrance at Ground Zero last year, and Steve Klein of Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment are leading a demonstration on Friday, July 29, here in downtown Los Angeles, asking the Los Angeles county board of supervisors to fire the compromised and clueless Sheriff Lee Baca

Steve Baldwin sits on the advisory board at Gary Cass’ the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. In contrast to every other board member no bio is given for Baldwin but the photo is the same as the one used on his old website.

When Director of right-wing think-tank the CNP Baldwin sent out a 2006 memo to right-wing groups urging a coalition and the organisation of “anti-Islamofascist” groups.  The CNP share some of the same sources of funding with Clarion and CSP, This memo which led to meetings with right-wing extremist groups predates much of the anti-Islam hysteria and propaganda in existence today.


Steve Baldwin, CADC

Also on the board at CADC is O’Neal Dozier, Pastor of the Worldwide Christian Center.   Dozier was publisher of the now defunct “Judeo-Christian View “. Gary Cass was it’s proprietor.  Cass through the “Judeo-Christian View” partnered with the anti-Islamic propaganda group Clarion to disseminate hundreds of thousands od copies of a Clarion propaganda film to the homes of Americans.

The Judeo-Christian View distributed hundreds of thousands of the anti-Islamic propaganda film Obsession they had obtained from Clarion.

Remember the Clarion Fund and its DVD, “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West”? The DVD — and the fund’s murky background — caused an uproar when Clarion spread 28 million copies of the disk throughout battleground states, all in the name of attracting media attention.

Now the DVD has a new distributor, a California-based publication called The Judeo-Christian View. Where Clarion’s roots traced back to Israel, the View connects to significant figures in the conservative Christian political movement. It pulls “Obsession” closer to being precisely what the Clarion Fund has insisted it is not: a political message delivered at the peak of a presidential campaign.

The View says it mailed “Obsession” and other materials, discussing Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s views on abortion, homosexuality and other issues, to more than 325,000 clergy earlier this month. Its conclusion is that Obama’s views are “at odds with the ancient Biblical faiths.”

The View’s general publisher is O’Neal Dozier, once a linebacker for the New York Jets and Chicago Bears, now pastor of the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, FL. The publisher is Gary L. Cass, who’s also head of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, where the homepage currently offers “7 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is Not A Christian.”


And to deepen the mystery over how “Obsession” is distributed, Cass was vague as to how his publication acquired DVDs for the mailing. He said they came from Clarion but declined to say if they were purchased or contributed. Referring to Clarion, he said, “Let’s just say we have a good working relationship with them.”

Clarion have undeniable links to the Jewish Orthodox settler movement.

From Eli Clifton at lobelog

Aish HaTorah, the Israeli orthodox Jewish group which has denied having any formal links to the Clarion Fund. But Aish and Clarion once shared an address in New York; Clarion’s executive director, Raphael Shore, has worked as a full-time employee of Aish HaTorah and sits on the board of Imagination Productions; Rabbi Henry Harris and Rebecca Kabat incorporated the Clarion Fund, along with Raphael Shore, and served as employees of Aish HaTorah; Shore’s twin brother, Ephraim Shore was the executive director of Aish HaTorah in Miami and Toronto; and Clarion’s spokesperson, Gregory Ross, was an Aish HaTorah fundraiser.

Clarion,share mutual benefactors with the aforementioned Baldwin’s think-tank the CNP and the soon to be mention Center for Security Policy.

Nina Cunningham, Clarion and CSP

Nina Cunningham is Founder/CEO of Quidlibet Research Inc, She has been published by Leven’s/Voogd’s Unity Coalition For Israel (see below) and is a  member of the Republican Jewish Coalition,  sits on the board at Clarion and is a Director at Gaffney’s CSP

Eric Voogd

Eric Voogd has also been employed as a Research Assistant at Nina Cunningham’s Quidlibet Research Inc since 2011. He has spent over a decade “working with the Israel Lobby” and is “a proactive member of the Republican Jewish Coalition –

He is co-Host of The Bibi Report which claims to be recognised by the “official government website for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party”.

Previously with Standwithus and CAMERA he is currently an advisor to Unity Coalition For Israel’s CEO and founder Ester Levens who has also been involved with the Republican Jewish Coalition and formerly sat on the boards of other right-wing Israel lobby groups such as JINSA and AIPAC.

Frank Gaffney. Clarion. CSP, Ray Kelly & The NYPD

Frank Gaffney, President of The Center for Security Policy (CSP) sits on the advisory board at Clarion.  Gaffney’s CSP honored NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly in 2007.  Under Kelly’s leadership the NYPD set up a “demographics unit” that illegally spied on Muslims because they were Muslim for six years – and yet didn’t generate a single lead.  Kelly also appeared as an “expert” in one of Clarion’s anti-Islam films, The Third Jihad

The NY Times revealed that Kelly’s NYPD had played Clarion’s film – The Third Jihad – to police trainees on a continuous loop for up to a year.

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