Osman Karahan – foriegn mercenary, jihadist, lawyer to Al Qaeda’s murderers – killed in Syria

In the surreal context of the then “enemy” in Iraq — foriegn jihadists — becoming friends in Syria who we give guns to in just a few short years nothing should surprise anymore.

In yet another display of the fine line between “good” (the west) and “evil” (Al Qaeda) the Sunni extremist Osman Karahan has been killed in battle by Syrian armed forces.  Karahan, a Turk, was fighting for regime change in Syria at the behest of the alliance between the Arab Gulf States and Western imperialist nations. The radical Islamist Karahan a tool of the west seemingly also shared close ties with Al Qaeda.  From UAE’s The National:

Mr Karahan, the Istanbul lawyer, was known in Turkey as the legal representative of several high-profile Islamists, among them Louai Sakka, a Syrian said to be a member of Al Qaeda.In 2007, Sakka was sentenced to life in prison for masterminding a series of lorry-bomb attacks on synagogues and British interests in Istanbul in 2003, in which 57 people were killed.A partial retrial, ordered by Turkey’s court of appeals, is continuing, but Sakka is still in prison. Mr Karahan also defended other Islamists in court.

According to The Guardian Karahan’s client Sakka has a long history of  extremism and terrorism.  He claims to have aided the 9/11 hijackers, fought in Iraq as well as being involved in the murder of Ken Bigley.

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