Mercenary in Syria Al-Harati Names His Donors In Kuwait

Translated by Google.

The (Brigade of the nation), which convey the nation’s promise of victories in Syria on the criminal gangs stamens, to ask everyone pray in these blessed days stability of the mujahideen and the Syrian people, the hero in the finest such as in patience and sacrifice as that (the banner of the nation) and pursuant to said peace be upon him (do not thank God who does not thank people) to thank all those who contributed to support the revolution and the Syrian factions striving special (the people) in Kuwait under the supervision of Sheikh h
Gage-Ajmi and Sheikh Irsheid Hajri and their brothers in the Commission for their continued support us and other factions striving since the beginning of the armed revolution and to the day as we call brotherhood donors to continue their support for the Syrian people by (the People), which is one of the closest bodies as evidenced by the Mujahideen in all regions of Syria this We ask God of victory and conquest nail and accelerate
For the Mujahideen

Brigade commander of the nation
Mehdi Alharatne


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